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Origins of Homeopathy

The practice of present day homeopathy is based on the work of Samuel Hahnemann, who first published his new theories 200 years ago. However, natural principles underlying homeopathic thinking were identified as far back as Hippocrates. Indeed the ancient medical systems of our East, such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, bear resemblance to homeopathy, in their view treating the whole person and idea of vital force.

Homeopathy in the History of Medicine

Hippocrates (470-400BC)
The father of medicine conceives two methods of healing- by contraries and by similars.

Paracelsus (1493-1542)
Introduces essential ideas upon which modern medicine is based. He also advocated like cures like. According to British homeopath James Compton Burnett (1840-1901), Paracelsus planted the acorn from which the mighty oak of homeopathy has grown.

Why Homeopathy

Over the past hundred years, continuous research and analysis and systematic case studies have led to enormous advancement in the field of Homeopathy.

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Join us and experience the true spirit of homeopathy and earn yourself a qualification quite like no other.

Georg Ernst Stahl (1160-1734)
He used the law of similars in his treatment. He wrote I am convinced that disease succumbs to substances that cause similar ailments.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)
He founded and developed modern day homeopathy and introduced the Law of similars, Provings, potentisation, etc.